Feral Hog Traps was developed to promote control of feral hogs or wild hogs and wild boar through trapping. Over the years we surveyed numerous traps and used several different ones. Traps available in the market did not meet our requirements.  Some stationary traps offered unique opportunities but there was a need for portability, so we designed our traps and contracted for their fabrication.  We made further design changes to the traps in the past two years.  We do not sell any products, at this time, but may consider some sort of arrangement for trap construction and other products.  Some of the pen traps are not expensive to construct while the box traps are not cheap, but pay for themselves with ease of trapping and loading the hogs.  We also  noted  deficiencies in information on trapping and sought to fill that void with the Guide to Trapping.  The developer of this site has a number of years of trapping experience and has done some presentations on the topic.  You may contact

  • LeRoy Moczygemba
  • 760 E. County Road 5718
  • Natalia, TX  78059



This wedsite has not been developed for interactive discussion.  To post comments for discussion and obtain other information and perspectives about feral hog or wild hog and wild boar trapping and hunting, please go to www.texasboars.com